Insight Fellowships for Summer 2017

Now accepting applications for Summer 2017 Insight Data Engineering and AI Fellowships

Deadline: March 29th (Data Engineering) and May 22nd (Artificial Intelligence)
Apply at

750+ Insight alumni are data engineers and data scientists at leading data companies in Silicon Valley and New York including: Airbnb, Capital One Labs, Facebook, Intuit, Microsoft, Netflix, Yelp, and 200+ other top companies.

Insight Fellowship:
• 7 week, full-time, post-graduate training Fellowship leading to full-time industry employment
• Learn new cutting-edge open-source technologies with mentorship from industry data engineers and AI professionals
• Gain access to industry mentors and meet with data engineers from leading companies
• Join our active community of Insight alumni
• Self-directed, project-based learning with support from Insight throughout the whole process
• Tuition-free with need-based scholarships available to help cover living costs
• For post-docs or Bachelors, Masters, or PhD students who will graduate by September 2017 for Data Engineering, and by December 2017 for Artificial Intelligence (if able to participate full-time)

Questions? Contact us at

We are looking forward to your application!