Research Opportunities in Plant Genomics

I am a new Assistant Professor at HLA working on plant genomics. I was wondering whether you could post an ad for me to recruit students who are interested in research opportunities in plant genomics. My target groups are senior students and master's students.

Ying Li lab at Purdue HLA seeks applicants for Bioinformatics Analyst
positions. The lab aims to apply cutting-edge molecular tools and computational
approaches to probe gene regulatory networks underlying plant responses to
adverse environment. These positions offer unique training opportunities for plant
genomics and epigenomics. Seniors and Master's students with a strong interest
and experience in NGS analysis are encouraged to apply.

• Analyze NGS datasets such as ChIP-Seq and RNASeq
• Apply machine learning approaches to identify
cause-effect relationships in biology (i.e. construct
gene regulatory network.)
• Lab webpage development

• Interested in plant genomics research
• Language: Perl, Python, R, MATLAB
• Familiar with Purdue RCAC

• Start immediately.
• Start part-time, can lead to full-time positions.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Questions about these positions,
or applications including a CV can be sent to Ying Li (