Tanzania Service Learning Trip, May 6-23

The trip will take place May 6-23.

The Computer Science Tanzania Service-Learning project is a two-week summer service trip to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Participating undergraduate Purdue students will be visiting the Matumaini primary school in Dar es Salaam. Matumaini is K-12 school which serves students with disabilities and other socially at-risk youth. During the project, CS students will spend time at the school teaching basic computer skills to the Matumaini students.

The goal of this project is to allow undergraduate Computer Science students to carry out the mission of Purdue University through engaging in service that promotes the application of knowledge. Students will have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned at Purdue to serve and educate a community of children in need. Through this project, students will also expand their cultural competencies by being immersed in a culture vastly different from their own. This project will promote our students to explore and develop intercultural empathy by
experiencing a different cultural worldview. Students will also cultivate cultural self-awareness and intercultural communication skills by interacting with the Tanzanian people and understanding their values through the lens of the student's own cultural upbringing.

For more information, contact atthomas@purdue.edu.