CS 635 Capturing and Rendering Real-World Scenes

The course covers principles and methods for acquiring color and depth data of a 3-D scene and

for using the data to show the 3-D scene from novel viewpoints.


Administrative affairs

                     Lecture: Tu-Th 1:30 pm 2:45 pm, LWSN 3151A

                     Instructor: Voicu Popescu, popescu@purdue.edu

-          Office hour: by appointment, LWSN 3179







                     Review of basics in

o   Linear algebra

o   Computational geometry

o   Computer graphics

o   Image processing

o   Assignment 1: Implement a basic graphics / vision application

                     Projective texture mapping

o   Camera calibration: intrinsics, and extrinsics (image to geometry registration)

o   Rendering using the projective texture

o   Assignment 2: Implement an application for projective texture mapping a real world scene


o   Image acquisition

o   Image registration

o   Panorama construction

o   Rendering from panoramas

o   Assignment 3: Implement an application for constructing and rendering from a panorama of a real world scene

                     Stereo camera configuration

o   Epipolar geometry

o   Correspondences

o   Triangulation

o   Depth from stereo

o   Depth from structured light

o   Assignment 4: Implement an depth from stereo application

                     Image and view morphing

                     Light field and lumigraph

                     Space carving

                     Other topics

o   Depth from shading, photogrammetric camera calibration

o   Computational photography

o   Camera model design

o   Augmented reality


Required (but Fun) Work

Cheating policy

Course material

Voicu Popescu, spring 2017