CS 535 Interactive Computer Graphics

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·                 Instructor: Voicu Popescu, popescu@purdue.edu, office hours online, by appointment.

·                 Teaching assistant: Christopher K May, may5@purdue.edu, office hours: online, Wednesdays 3:00pm - 4:00pm.


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We will spend the semester studying and implementing interactive 3D graphics techniques. The syllabus has three parts.

·                 Basics

o   Vectors, matrices, transformations

o   Basic analytical geometry (e.g. points, lines, segments, planes, triangles, intersections)

o   Camera models, projection, navigation

·                 Classic feed-forward rendering

o   Rasterization

o   Screen space and model space interpolation

o   Basic shading

o   Texture mapping, projective texture mapping

o   Shadow mapping

o   Environment mapping

o   Antialising

o   GPU programming

·                 Advanced rendering techniques

o   Ray tracing

o   Geometric modeling

o   Image-based rendering

o   Automated scene modeling (e.g. stereo, structured light, laser range finding)

o   Computational photography

o   Camera model design


The syllabus will be adapted according to time constraints and student interests.


Required (but Fun) Work

Cheating policy

Course material



Voicu Popescu, fall 2020



(New!) Academic Guidance in the Event a Student is Quarantined/Isolated

If you become quarantined or isolated at any point in time during the semester, in addition to support from the Protect Purdue Health Center, you will also have access to an Academic Case Manager who can provide you academic support during this time. Your Academic Case Manager can be reached at acmq@purdue.edu and will provide you with general guidelines/resources around communicating with your instructors, be available for academic support, and offer suggestions for how to be successful when learning remotely. Importantly, if you find yourself too sick to progress in the course, notify your academic case manager and notify me via email or Brightspace. We will make arrangements based on your particular situation. The Office of the Dean of Students (odos@purdue.edu) is also available to support you should this situation occur.


(New!) Attendance Policy during COVID-19


Students should stay home and contact the Protect Purdue Health Center (496-INFO) if they feel ill, have any symptoms associated with COVID-19, or suspect they have been exposed to the virus. In the current context of COVID-19, in-person attendance will not be a factor in the final grades, but the student still needs to inform the instructor of any conflict that can be anticipated and will affect the submission of an assignment or the ability to take an exam. Only the instructor can excuse a student from a course requirement or responsibility. When conflicts can be anticipated, such as for many University-sponsored activities and religious observations, the student should inform the instructor of the situation as far in advance as possible. For unanticipated or emergency conflict, when advance notification to an instructor is not possible, the student should contact the instructor as soon as possible by email, through Brightspace, or by phone. When the student is unable to make direct contact with the instructor and is unable to leave word with the instructor’s department because of circumstances beyond the student’s control, and in cases of bereavement, quarantine, or isolation, the student or the student’s representative should contact the Office of the Dean of Students via email or phone at 765-494-1747. Our course Brightspace includes a link on Attendance and Grief Absence policies under the University Policies menu.

(New!) Classroom Guidance Regarding Protect Purdue

The Protect Purdue Plan, which includes the Protect Purdue Pledge, is campus policy and as such all members of the Purdue community must comply with the required health and safety guidelines. Required behaviors in this class include: staying home and contacting the Protect Purdue Health Center (496-INFO) if you feel ill or know you have been exposed to the virus, properly wearing a mask in classrooms and campus building, at all times (e.g., mask covers nose and mouth, no eating/drinking in the classroom), disinfecting desk/workspace prior to and after use, maintaining appropriate social distancing with peers and instructors (including when entering/exiting classrooms), refraining from moving furniture, avoiding shared use of personal items, maintaining robust hygiene (e.g., handwashing, disposal of tissues) prior to, during and after class, and following all safety directions from the instructor.


Students who are not engaging in these behaviors (e.g., wearing a mask) will be offered the opportunity to comply. If non-compliance continues, possible results include instructors asking the student to leave class and instructors dismissing the whole class. Students who do not comply with the required health behaviors are violating the University Code of Conduct and will be reported to the Dean of Students Office with sanctions ranging from educational requirements to dismissal from the university.


Any student who has substantial reason to believe that another person in a campus room (e.g., classroom) is threatening the safety of others by not complying (e.g., not wearing a mask) may leave the room without consequence. The student is encouraged to report the behavior to and discuss next steps with their instructor. Students also have the option of reporting the behavior to the Office of the Student Rights and Responsibilities. See also Purdue University Bill of Student Rights.


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