CS 535 Interactive Computer Graphics

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·                 Instructor: Voicu Popescu, popescu@purdue.edu, office hours after class and by appointment.

·                 Teaching assistant: Meng-Lin Wu, wu223@purdue.edu, office hours: Tuesday 10:30AM - 11:30AM and Thursday 2PM - 3PM @ LWSN3151, cubicle #21.


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We will spend the semester studying and implementing interactive 3D graphics techniques. The syllabus has three parts.

·                 Basics

o   Vectors, matrices, transformations

o   Basic analytical geometry (e.g. points, lines, segments, planes, triangles, intersections)

o   Camera models, projection, navigation

·                 Classic feed-forward rendering

o   Rasterization

o   Screen space and model space interpolation

o   Basic shading

o   Texture mapping, projective texture mapping

o   Shadow mapping

o   Environment mapping

o   Antialising

o   GPU programming

·                 Advanced rendering techniques

o   Ray tracing

o   Geometric modeling

o   Image-based rendering

o   Automated scene modeling (e.g. stereo, structured light, laser range finding)

o   Computational photography

o   Camera model design


The syllabus will be adapted according to time constraints and student interests.


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Course material

Voicu Popescu, fall 2017