CS 434 Advanced Computer Graphics


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Admin info, Spring 2013

-          Lecture: MW 2:30-3:45

-          Instructors: Daniel Aliaga and Voicu Popescu

o   {aliaga | popescu}@purdue.edu

-          TA: Meng-Lin Wu

o   wu223@purdue.edu

-          Office hours: by appointment

-          Pre-requisites: CS 334 or equivalent

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Tentative syllabus

1.       Rendering (~4 weeks)

a.       Specular reflections

b.      Relief texture mapping

c.       Light transport

d.      Radiosity

e.      Soft shadows

f.        Ambient occlusion

2.       Modeling (~4 weeks)

a.       Color / depth panoramas

b.      Geometry acquisition (e.g. Kinect)

c.       Inverse procedural modeling

d.      Higher-order surfaces

3.       Animation (~4 weeks)

a.       Forward and inverse kinematics

b.      Collision detection

c.       Fluid animation

d.      Gaming

Ambient Occlusion


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Relief texture mapping


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1.       Game engines: Unity, G3D

2.       Smartphone & tablets (e.g. iOS, Android)

3.       CPU:C++

4.       GPU: shaders, CUDA

Specular reflections

Assignments, Midterm, Final Project, and No Final Exam

1.       3 assignments, 3 x 10% = 30%

a.       due approximately every 2 weeks, require implementation

b.      Possible topics: relief texture mapping, ambient occlusion, panoramas, geometry acquisition (e.g. using Kinect), gaming

2.       Midterm examination, 20%

3.       Final project, 50%

a.       6 weeks,  requires implementation

b.      individual topics, teamwork possible

4.       No final examination

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Soft shadows