The Renaissance Project

General Information

Renaissance is a project to investigate the applicability of object-oriented techniques to the construction of large scale distributed systems. For a complete overview of the system see our overview paper.

Various sub-projects make up the Renaissance system.
The Lingua Franca interface description language is used to describe object interfaces for both clients and servers. Lingua Franca descriptions are translated into various programming languages to implement clients and servers. Currently C++ is supported and work is underway on a Python binding.
o The Primavera operating system is an operating system written entirely in terms of objects described in Lingua Franca. Primavera runs native on SUN Sparcstation platforms and provides support for process management, virtual memory management, and file system access via a gateway to NFS.

Exploring the Renaissance Object World

This World Wide Web page not only provides information about our system, but it also allows you to interact directly with the system via a forms-capable world wide web browser. For information on how to do this click here.
If you already know how to browse the Renaissance object space, please select an object from the list of root objects below. The root objects on the machines cosimo and kiwi are particularly interesting since those machines are (probably) running Primavera.
The root object on
The root object on
The root object on
The root object on
The root object on


Dr. Vincent Russo
Andy Muckelbauer
Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera
Gerald Baumgartner
Lebin Cheng

Selected Publications

The Renaissance Distributed Object System
Structural Subtyping in a Distributed Object System
The Performance of a Distributed Object System Using Structural-Based Conformance Checking